Saturday, October 11, 2008

Luo Zundian

Luo Zundian, was a governor of province who ended several rebellions,but forced suicide in Second rout the Army Group Jiangnan in Hangzhou when the Taiping forces fallen down this city at last.

Before 9 months Xiang Army raised, Luo Zundian was the first existing regional and village militia forces to against the Taiping rebellion from northern Hubei in late 1852 whole China, then he committed the vice governor of Hubei .


Luo born in Susong County, Anhui. From very early in life, he showed remarkable ability, and he became a ''shengyuan'' in the imperial examination system. In 1835, he obtained ''jinshi'' degree, the highest level in the Imperial examination system. Shortly after this the central provinces of the empire were invaded by the , and in he raised a regiment of militia.

Rainy days:sadness begin

Luo was the first death of 4 governors in 1860--1861 when Taiping attacks. Taiping commander Li Xiucheng spend 20 days fallen down Hangzhou from southern mountains, these days are rainy days but Luo directed citizens defence city bravely but loss. Sad was Luo Zundian's wife and daughters all forced suicide together that rain look like tears for their unlucky.

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